Stream (some of) Dash Rip Rock's new CD!

Long time listeners to MonkeyBeat know I have a deep love for Louisiana's Dash Rip Rock. Well, their new CD "Country Girlfriend" is being released this week by Abitian Records. I strongly urge you to get it (as well as Dash's 13 other records), but if you need a sneak peek before you order it, the whole 5 songs from the album can be streamed online thanks to

*When I first posted this I assumed that some of the older songs were rerecorded for the new album. However, I just saw the actual track list thanks to Dash's Myspace, and now know I was wrong. So if you want to hear the whole thing go order it.
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MiniConcert: The Supersuckers 10-01-04

The Supersuckers
Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Songs featured:
1. Marie
2. Cowboy Song
3. Goodnight For My Drinking
4. Dirt Roads,Deadends And Dust
5. Fisticuffs
6. Drink And Complain
7. Rock Your Ass
8. Goodbye
9. Pretty Fucked Up
10. Born With A Tail

To hear more of this performance go to

Purchase The Supersuckers music and get tour dates at

Click below to pre-order The Supersuckers new CD "Get It Together"
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MonkeyBeat 19: New Music Same Old Ramblin

New music packs up the playlist this week and I review my new Zoom H2 recorder.

Songs played:
1. Tokyo Pop Star - I'm Not Sorry
2. Chris Wilson - All The Action
3. The Mop Tops - You Crucify Me
4. The Blondes - I Just Wanna Stay Home
5. The Lost Crusaders - It Don't Worry Me
6. The Family Gun - Medicated Lady
7. The Goblins - Murder
8. The New Duncan Imperials - I Love You Honey but I Hate Your Band
9. The Black Heart Blisters - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven's Hill
10. Jeff Dahl - All My Favorite Ramones Are Dead
11. The Greatest Hits - Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
12. Billy Childish & Musicians Of The British Empire - Back Amongst The Medway Losers
13. Dan Melchior - Natural Misanthrope
14. Holly Golightly - Gettin' High For Jesus
15. The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Assassanation Of Myself
16. The Supersuckers - She Is Leaving
17. Rocket From The Crypt - Come See Come Saw (Live)
18. You Am I - Givin' Up And Gettin' Fat
19. Chris Mills - Living In The Aftermath

As always support the artists played on this show by buying their CDs.

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Ben Kingsley is a Minor Threat

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MiniConcert: The Muffs 10-3-04

The Muffs
Ash Street Saloon
Portland, OR
Oct 3rd, 2004

Kim Shattuck - vocals, guitar
Ronnie Barnett - bass
Roy McDonald - drums

Visit to find out more about The Muffs & buy their music.

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MonkeyBeat 18: I am the Liquor

I make amends for taking a two month break from the show by playing tons of great music.

Songs played:
1. Baby Woodrose - Coming Around Again
2. Mark Lind & The Unloved - Coke & Jack
3. Prima Donna - Everything's Wrong
4. The Steinways - I Shit (You Not)
5. The Primevals - Shift Down A Gear
6. Rotten Apples - My House/ Road Rage
7. The Muffs - Another Ugly Face
8. Go Betty Go - It's Too Bad
9. The New Duncan Imperials - I'm Invisible
10. The Young Fresh Fellows - Amy Grant
11. The Hi-Risers - Two Week Notice
12. Smokestack Lightnin' - Big Kahuna
13. Hutch - Bringing Me Down
14. Fatboy - Way Down Low
15. Luis & The Wildfires - I Hear Voices
16. The Mutants - High Ride
17. The Mosquitos - Do You Want To Hurt Me
18. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - Shanghai Cabaret (live)

As always support the artists played on this show by buying their CDs.

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Site update & Blabbermort

Sorry that I've been such a lazy shit with keeping up on the blog and podcasts shows. Those of you that follow my twitter feed already know that I got laid off from my day job. (If anyone in the Portland, OR area needs a SQA Engineer let me know.) You'd think that would leave me with more time for MonkeyBeat stuff, but actually right now my time is being taken up with networking and job searching. I hope to find time to do a new show later this week.

While you wait for me to get moving, check out Blabbermort which is the blog of John Mortenson (of Mono Men & Star Spangled Bastards). Sometimes he posts about his musical past (including MP3s), but he mostly posts about whatever random stuff stikes his fancy. His post on his interview with KISM is a good place to start.
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MiniConcert: The Saints 5-20-05

MAY 20, 2005

Chris Bailey - vocals, guitar
Marty Willson-Piper - lead guitar
Caspar Wejnberg - bass
Peter Wilkinson - drums

1. Messin' With The Kid
2. Bang On
3. Just Like Fire Would
4. Nights In Venice
5. Know Your Product

Visit to find out more about The Saints

Click here to get the rest of this show and more music by The Saints free from eMusic

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Dash Rip Rock on WMNF

Dash Rip Rock did a great on-air performance on WMNF in Tampa on 7/22/08. You can listen to the archive of it for a few more days, by clicking here. (They play about 32 minutes into the stream.)

Get more Dash Rip Rock music, including exclusive tracks, from eMusic

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Paul Westerberg's 49:00 for just 49 cents

Paul Westerberg's new album 49:00 is just 49 cents.

*If you purchase it using the link above I will make 2 cents. Woo Hoo!!
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MonkeyBeat 17: The Summer Of Hate

Hate is the topic of the week, as I play songs about the joys of being pissed off and letting the world know about it.

Songs played:
1. Thee Mighty Caesars - Lie Detector
2. The Mono Men - Hate Your Way
3. Darkbuster - I Hate The Unseen
4. The Misfits - Some Kind Of Hate
5. The Kinks - Hatred
6. The Real McKenzies - Anyone Else
7. Iron Prostate - Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia
8. The Mummies - Manaconda / That Girl
9. The Sleepers - Filthy Ways
10. Andre Williams - Never Had A Problem
11. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - I Suppose
12. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - Secret Heart
13. The Bellrays - Stupid Fucking People
14. The Marked Men - We Won't Talk About It
15. The Estranged - No Love
16. The Ergs! - Jazz Is Like The New Coke
17. Skyhooks - Why Don'tcha All Get Fucked
18. Deadbolt - Bitch Tried To Kill Me
19. Jim Florentine - Bitch

Get25 free mp3s from these artists at
Dirtnap Sampler 2008
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