MiniConcert: The Saints 5-20-05

MAY 20, 2005

Chris Bailey - vocals, guitar
Marty Willson-Piper - lead guitar
Caspar Wejnberg - bass
Peter Wilkinson - drums

1. Messin' With The Kid
2. Bang On
3. Just Like Fire Would
4. Nights In Venice
5. Know Your Product

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Dash Rip Rock on WMNF

Dash Rip Rock did a great on-air performance on WMNF in Tampa on 7/22/08. You can listen to the archive of it for a few more days, by clicking here. (They play about 32 minutes into the stream.)

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Paul Westerberg's 49:00 for just 49 cents

Paul Westerberg's new album 49:00 is just 49 cents.

*If you purchase it using the link above I will make 2 cents. Woo Hoo!!
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MonkeyBeat 17: The Summer Of Hate

Hate is the topic of the week, as I play songs about the joys of being pissed off and letting the world know about it.

Songs played:
1. Thee Mighty Caesars - Lie Detector
2. The Mono Men - Hate Your Way
3. Darkbuster - I Hate The Unseen
4. The Misfits - Some Kind Of Hate
5. The Kinks - Hatred
6. The Real McKenzies - Anyone Else
7. Iron Prostate - Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia
8. The Mummies - Manaconda / That Girl
9. The Sleepers - Filthy Ways
10. Andre Williams - Never Had A Problem
11. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - I Suppose
12. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - Secret Heart
13. The Bellrays - Stupid Fucking People
14. The Marked Men - We Won't Talk About It
15. The Estranged - No Love
16. The Ergs! - Jazz Is Like The New Coke
17. Skyhooks - Why Don'tcha All Get Fucked
18. Deadbolt - Bitch Tried To Kill Me
19. Jim Florentine - Bitch

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Dirtnap Sampler 2008
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