The Dictators - Irving Plaza Feb 7th, 1981

July 26th 2010 marks the 34th anniversary of the first time The Dictators took the stage at CBGB's. While I have yet to find footage of that monumental event, I present you here the next best thing, The 'Tators ripping it up at Irving Plaza in the winter of 1981.
These 7 songs were filmed at one of the string of reunion gigs the guys did that year, just a few days before the performance that would be released by ROIR as "Fuck Em If They Can't Take a Joke" (and later as "Live - New York New York"). They play with a fire that makes one wonder what might have been if the band hadn't called it quits three year earlier.
Thankfully, the last decade has seen them return to playing on a semi-regular basis, including the release of the excellent "D.F.F.D." album and the live document "Viva Dictators".

You can download the m4v file here. Those of you on slow connections, or who don't wish to download larger files can view it on Youtube in 3 parts. (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

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Billy Childish at Annandale Hotel in Sydney Dec 6th, 2005

Here's some fine audience shot footage of Billy Childish & the Musicians Of The British Empire. The gig was billed as a Buff Medways show, but the lineup here is the same as the MBE. I've always found it hard to keep track of whatever name Billy is using for his current trio, especially since he tends to draw from his entire catalog no mater what band he's with.
Here he plays (Thee Mighty Caesars') Lie Detector, (The Buff Medways') Unable To See The Good and (Thee Headcoats') Girl From '62.

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MonkeyBeat 46: If I Could Only Remember My Name....

It's an odds & sods show this week, as I toss tunes that have been laying around into a pot to make a menudo for your ears. I also do my usual bit of bitching and complaining, question if there is more than one HeWhoCannotBeNamed, talk about better podcasts you should be listening to, and continually lose my train of thought and setlist.

Songs played:
  1. Micky - La Cuenta Atras
  2. Pure Country Gold - Moanin' In The Moonlight
  3. Lo-Lite - Right Thing
  4. Walter Daniels & The Gospel Clodhoppers - Take Your Foot Out Of The Mud
  5. Thunderosa - Shut Down
  6. The Elderberries - Impostor
  7. Annita Babyface & The Tasty Poneys - No Problem For Good Sex
  8. HeWhoCannotBeNamed - Wake Up
  9. Francine - I Don't Give A Damn
  10. I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House - Valentine
  11. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Johnny Are You Gay?
  12. Gunsmoke - I Never
  13. Paul Collins - Do You Wanna Love Me?
  14. Caroline & The Treats - Pick It Up
  15. The Twistaroos - Animal Instinct
  16. The Yum Yums - Twenty-Four Seven
  17. The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend Is A Rock
Show Notes:

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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Real Kids - Outta Place

I was looking through some old DVDs I've had kicking around an found this choice clip from The Real Kids performing "Outta Place" back in November 1982 on the old Boston TV show "5 All Nite Live". Not sure where I originally found it, but I couldn't find it posted anywhere on the old internets so I uploaded it myself.

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Andy Shernoff - Be True To Your School

I've repeatedly mentioned on the show what a huge fan I am of Andy Shernoff of The Dictators, and how only in the last few months he has started to play solo shows. Well imagine my delight as I happened across this clip of him performing solo on Glenn O'Brien's TV Party back in 1979. The host mentions that Andy had also performed on the show the week before, but I have yet to see that episode yet.
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MonkeyBeat 45: MonkeyBeat Sucks

Limited rambling on this show due to me having limited time to record, so I fill the rest of the time playing good music. I also find time to do another blind listening to a band that is currently #33 on a local music chart.

Songs played:
  1. The Hives - Early Morning Wake Up Call
  2. The Goldstars - You Crossed The Line
  3. The DT's - God Damn World
  4. Mongoose - No Anthem
  5. The Sonic Graffiti - Mystery Number
  6. Radio Dead Ones - Take It On Trust
  7. The Snipes - Devil I Know
  8. Jeff The Brotherhood - U Got The Look
  9. Moonhearts - Can't Find My Way
  10. The Biggest Bird You've Ever Seen - Mystery Machine
  11. Ross & Brad from The Ladonnas - The Warrior (Un-released Demo)
  12. The Poppers - "Dogdom" Blues
  13. The Loons - Heyday
  14. The Parting Gifts - Keep Walking
  15. Pierced Arrows - The Doorway
Show Notes:
  • To hear the complete sucks piece (all 12 minutes of it) that I splattered through out the show, check out the July 6th 2010 episode of The Best Show On WFMU
  • Thanks again to Brad from the Ladonnas for sending me the demo to play
  • Purchase The Haiti Project featuring 16 great artists including The Sonic Graffiti, and Radio Dead Ones. Plus 100% of the profits go to Haiti Relief
  • David from the From The Burro podcast let me know that I was wrong about Jeff The Brotherhood being a one man band. It's actually two brothers. Which makes sense to me now.

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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