MonkeyBeat 3

I'm sick but the show must go on.
**Correction: In the show I say that The Heats are from Portland. They are actually from Seattle.

Songs played:
1. The Wipers - Over the Edge
2. Sonic Chicken 4 - Right Side Of Woman
3. Madam X - 13 Men
4. The DTs - Freedom
5. Country Slashers - Love Lost and Found
6. Dash Rip Rock - FUCK
7. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - Cocktails!
8. Dolour - Naïve
9. Reigning Sound - I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
10. Jonathan Richman - The World Is Showing Its Hand
11. The Heats - I Don't Like Your Face (single version)
12. The Tripwires - I Don't Care Who You Are
13. 8 Foot Tender - Ringing In My Head
14. 8 Foot Tender - Butterscotch
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MonkeyBeat 2

I review a show I went to, play music from the first artist to send me CD for the podcast, & hype the upcoming Bender Music Fest

Songs played:
1. The Howlin' Banana - Learn That Parrot To Talk Pt 1
2. Darkbuster - Mr Naughty
3. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - Shanghai Cabaret
4. The Humpers - Mutate With Me
5. Sonic Chicken 4 - (I Had) Too Much To Drink (Last Night)
6. The Hives - You Got It All... Wrong
7. The Cynics - All About You
8. Sleepwalkers RIP - Get Out While You Can
9. Oblivion Seekers - Unwanted Love
10. Pierced Arrows - In My Brain
11. The Muffs - Another Ugly Face
12. The Knights Of The New Crusade - Father Bingo
13. The Fleshtones - Never Grew Up
14. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - I Made a Mistake

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MonkeyBeat 1

Songs played:

Artist SongAlbum URL
The Dirtbombs
Wreck My Flow
We Have You Surrounded
The Cynics What She Said
Here We Are
The Nomads w/ Handsome Dick Manitoba American Beat '07
V/A - Vindicated: Tribute to the Fleshtones
Pat Todd & the RankoutsidersIs My Last Chance Gone?
The Outskirts of Your Heart
Evel Knievel Why? Evel Knievel

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