Welcome to My Jungle

Hey, I've been noticing a huge upswing in traffic to the site lately & figured I'd post a hello note to all the first time visitors (welcome back returning visitors, too). Please leave a comment on this post and tell me how you found the site, so I can thank those who help spread the word on MonkeyBeat.
Enjoy your stay here.
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MonkeyBeat 42: All The News That's Fit To Shit

I wrestle with my tongue while trying to talk about Girl Trouble's legal troubles, the upcoming Gibson Brothers reunion show, & read mail from listeners.

Songs played:
Jack Skuller - Love is a Drum
Swingin' Neckbreakers - Action Kid
Girl Trouble - Strictly Sacred
The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone
The M & M's - Knock, Knock, Knock
The New Pornographers - Crash Years
Richmond Fontaine - You Can Move Back Here
The Sadies - Another Day Again
The La Donnas - Rock You All Night Long
The Mochines - Petrified
New Bomb Turks - Girl Can't Help It
Gibson Bros. - The Sperm Count
The Dirty Shames - Just After Midnight
The Punk Group - Big-Ass Sandwiches
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Chicken Dog
Gas Huffer - Robert
The Spits - Beat You Up
The 4-Skins - The Return

Show Notes:

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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Stream Roky Erickson and Okkervil River : True Love Cast Out All Evil

Bucketfull Of Brains hipped me that Relix is hosting a stream of the complete Roky Erickson and Okkervil River album "True Love Cast Out All Evil". It's not due to hit the street until Tuesday, but it's already garnering favorable reviews from Spin & Pitchfork, but don't hold that against the album. Listen to it for yourself here.

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MonkeyBeat 41: Get Up On That, Monkey!

The show takes a bit of a country bend, as I discuss attending a country music battle of the bands and play some music by one of the competing bands. Also I sing the praises of Rankoutsider Records by featuring a few of the great artists on their roster. Along the way I throw in a bunch of new music & a number one hit song (in Holland).

Songs played:
The Neighborhood Bullys - Spin It
The Black Tongued Bells - Rattle Some Bones
Scott Kempner - Blame Me
Dan Reeder - Food and Pussy
The Elk River Tree Fort Army - Maryanne
The Tripwires - Drawing A Blank
The Plimsouls - Zero Hour
The Baseball Project - Cubs 2010
Mark Sultan - Go Berserk
The Dirty Shames - You're A Drag
Sonic Avenues - I Want You Now
Hacienda - You're My Girl
The 75's - I Wanna Kill My Boyfriend
Brimstone Howl - End Of The Summer
Tijuana Hercules - A Boiling Pot Shows No Mercy
Danko Jones - Full Of Regret

Show Notes:

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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Otis Gibbs - Joe Hill's Ashes

I mentioned on the last show how much I've been enjoying Otis Gibbs' latest album "Joe Hill's Ashes". I can't state strongly enough how good it is, so I decided to post the stream of it here on the site.
<a href="http://otisgibbs.bandcamp.com/album/joe-hills-ashes">Joe Hill's Ashes by Otis Gibbs</a>
If you like it, you can download it at Bandcamp.com for $9.99 in 320kbs MP3 or FLAC lossless formats.
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MonkeyBeat 40:The Seventy Minute Power Hour

Way too much new music this week to pack into a 60 minute hour, so I invented the 70 minute hour!

Songs played:
Royal Pendletons - Glendora
Black Francis - Dead Man's Curve
Roky Erickson - John Lawman
Nick Curran & the Lowlifes - The Lowlife
Otis Gibbs - Kansas City
Hoodoo Gurus - What's In It For Me
The Master Plan - Get Over Yourself
The A-Bones - Shallow Grave
Dion 'N' the Little Kings - Stay With Me
The Baseball Project - All Future and No Past
Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks (Live Acoustic)
Boston Spaceships - The Way Out
Left Arm - Electric Babies
Personal & the Pizzas - Pepperoni Eyes
The Nevermores - Tell-Tale Heart
The Barreracudas - New York Honeys
The Organ Beats - Sleep When We Are Dead

Show notes:
  • The Andy Shernoff episode of Three Chord Monte can be found at http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/35150
  • I was wrong on the title of Otis Gibbs' previous album. It's actually Grandpa Walked a Picketline
  • I tried to record this show using WavPad & MixPad. WavPad worked fine for the recording, but when I tried to mix everything using MixPad I got an endless series of crashes. In the end I went back to using Reaper to mix the show.

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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