MonkeyBeat 44: What's That Sound?

This episode is all over the map with live cuts from Ronnie Dawson, The Fleshtones & (Dictator) Andy Shernoff. I also read listener mail, and blindly play music sent in from one of them.

Songs played:
  1. Ronnie Dawson - Monkey Beat City
  2. Nick Curran & the Lowlifes - Filthy
  3. The Ding-Dongs - Until I Die
  4. John Schooley & His One Man Band - Factory Dog
  5. Dash Rip Rock - Call of the Wild
  6. Thee Attacks - Love In Disguise
  7. The Loons - Diamonds, Garbage and Gold
  8. Outrageous Cherry - Self-Made Monster
  9. The Reigning Sound - Is It True?
  10. The Biggest Bird You've Ever Seen - Postcard From Paraguay
  11. Thee Headliners - Whatchagonnado?
  12. Andy Shernoff - Master Race Rock
  13. The Fleshtones - The Dreg
  14. Los Straitjackets - Twist and Slide
  15. Impediments - Le Ann
  16. Riverdales - Crash Of The Moons
  17. Mind Spiders - Ripped
  18. Junior Astronomers - Fox and the Hound
  19. Danzig - Deth Red Moon
Show Notes:

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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MonkeyBeat 43: Helping Johnny Remember

The rambling returns! I take time off from setting up my new studio, and explain my recent absence from the "podcasting game".

Songs played:
  1. Blood Red Shoes - It Is Happening Again
  2. Paul Collins - Doin' It For The Ladies
  3. King Louie's Missing Monuments - Black Rainbow
  4. The Len Price 3 - Mr Grey
  5. The Booze - Hate City Nights
  6. Ronnie Dawson - Sucker For A Cheap Guitar
  7. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  8. The Sticks - Night Of Pleasure
  9. Walter Daniels with Chili Cold Blood - Mystery Beer
  10. JJ & The Real Jerks - Hooky
  11. Davila 666 - Alerez
  12. Dirtbombs - Secret Code
  13. White Mystery - Switch It Off
  14. Night Birds - Prognosis; Negative
  15. The Dirty Sweets - Teenage Jerk
  16. The Overnight Lows - Last Meal For The Underachiever
  17. The Swanton Bombs - Waistland
  18. Shonen Knife - Economic Crisis
Show Notes:
  • The opening bit was taken from the educational film "Helping Johnny Remember". Ashleigh Nankivell did and hilarious re-edit of it that can be found here.
  • I forgot to say anything about The Sticks when I played them on this episode. They are a trio from Brighton, U.K. and list The Keggs as one of their influences. What more do you need to know, to know that they are worth lending your ears to?
  • Listen to White Mystery perform a great live set on The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T. or download it from the Free Music Archive.
  • On the show, I falsely said that "Teenage Jerk" was by Dirty Sweet. It's actually by the Austin, TX band The Dirty Sweets and can be found on their "Bubblegum Damaged" CD on Rip-Off Records. Their guitarist now plays in the band Love Collector which is also worthy of your listening time.
  • Here's a site that shows you how to perform The Swanton Bomb as made famous by pro-wrestler Jeff Hardy. You'll most likely break your back or cripple your little brother doing it, but give it a try anyways. It will give you a good story to tell when people ask why you can't sit up straight on a bar stool.

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link
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