MonkeyBeat Episode #21: The 1st Michael Jackson free show

A great selection of music on this episode. I also announce the first contest on the show for some great CDs and a rare Sparks promo beachball from Oglio Records. Listen for the rules, and enter by July 7th 2009 to win.

1) The Leaving Trains - Rock & Roll Murder
2) The Leftovers - Get To Know You
3) Wheels On Fire - I'm Turning Into You
4) Nerf Herder - WTC #7
5) Dexter Romweber Duo - People
6) Unknown Hinson - You Ain't Callin' the Law
7) Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
8) Throw Rag - Mission's Message
9) Young Fresh Fellows - If You Believe in Cleveland
10) Welcome Home Walker - Second Hand Store
11) Visqueen - Forgive Me
12) The Craftmen club - I Can't Get Around
13) Jehosaphat Blow - Hipshaking Hangover Cure #69
14) The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (Live)

As always support the artists played on this show by buying their CDs & going to see them in concert.
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