MonkeyBeat 33: The Listeners Fight Back!

I finally catch up to playing listener feedback this week, and even play a song sound-un-heard by a band who happened to request Myspace friendship while I was recording the show.

Songs played:
Solomon Grundy - Spirit Of Radio
The Wildhearts - You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane
The Cynics - Baby What's Wrong
The Night Marchers - Mystery Machine
Michael Rault - I Want You For Mine
Gordon Gano and the Ryans - Red
The Cute Lepers - Berlin Girls
Greg Cartwright - Better Man Than Me
Heman Women Haters - Milk
Big Drill Car - Latch Key
The Bomb - Spaceman
Rapids - Control
Rev. Horton Heat - River Ran Dry

As always, if you like the bands you hear on MonkeyBeat support them by buying their music and seeing them when they play near you.

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MonkeyBeat Video 2: Visqueen

"Forgive Me"
Sept 3, 2009
East End
Portland, OR

Here are the videos talked about on the last episode of MonkeyBeat. The video of Visqueen performing "Forgive Me" was taken and provided here by Lorrie. Attached at the end is Rachel Flotard's video from her meeting with Amelia the monkey & star of the movie "Monkey Shines".

Visqueen are:
Rachel Flotard - Vocals & Guitar
Ben Hooker - Drums
Tom Cummings - Guitar
Cristina Bautista - Bass

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Open letter to the listeners: I hate the ads too!

A few months back I signed up with the people who host the show files, to allow them to do some advertising on my show. I thought that it would just require me to mention a bit about the sponsor every few shows and provide a few links here on the site. After listening to the feed this week I realize that was not all.
Part of my agreement included having to do a cold read ad for them to use in my feed. I guess I was naive enough to think this would only effect people who listened to the show via the Mevio Player. Instead they went and attached this ad to the front of every MP3 on my feed, even the ones from before I signed up for their advertising.
Well, this puts me a position I never wanted to be in before. I feel that I need to apologize to listeners & guests of the show. I never wanted to whore out the show, or force advertisers upon anyone. My intentions were only to possibly make a small amount of revenue to cover my low operating costs (Skype, CDs, equipment upgrades, etc).
I have asked to leave the Mevio advertisers program. Hopefully they will remove the ads they placed on the files. If not I will make sure to replace each show in the feed with my original copies.

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MonkeyBeat 32: Rachel Flotard of Visqueen

Rachel Flotard is the lead singer of the Seattle rock band Visqueen. She was kind enough to talk with me about her band, her new album "Message to Garcia", starting a record label, & monkeys!

All the music on this show is from the album "Message to Garcia". Please buy it, and go see Visqueen when they play in your area. You'll be happy you did.

Purchase from Amazon
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MonkeyBeat 31: Poke Out Your Eyes & Move to Portland

This week I feature bands that are scheduled to play the recently announced Scion Garage Fest that will be taking place in Portland, OR on Oct 17th 2009. Checkout for the full lineup and to get free tickets.

Roky Erickson - Two Headed Dog (live)
The Deadly Snakes - Rock Candy
The Nice Boys - Johnny Guitar
Japanese Motors - Single Fins & Safty Pins
Garotas Suecas - Corina
Gino Washington - Gino is a Coward
The Dirtbombs - Stuck Under My Shoe
The Fresh & Onlys - Endless Love
Brimstone Howl - They Call Me Hopeless Destroyer
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkeys - Rare As The Yeti
Thomas Function - Conspiracy Of Praise
Sonic Chicken 4 - Right Side Of Woman
The Coathangers - Cheap Cheap
The Strange Boys - Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up
Davila 666 - Ella Dice
Pierced Arrows - This Is The Day

As always, if you like the bands you hear on MonkeyBeat support them by buying their music and seeing them when they play near you.

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