MonkeyBeat 70: RAPTURE!!!

Only a few days left to "get right" with the lord. So why not do so while listening to new music from Urge Overkill, Bill Cosby & His White Puddin Pops, Robert Pollard, Pangea, Kid Congo, John Paul Keith, Fucked Up and Barrence Whitfield & The Savages. Plus a rare track from Paul Revere and a topical word of warning from Andy Shernoff of The Dictators,

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MonkeyBeat 69: You Can't Solve All The World's Problems With A Shotgun

Tons of new music from the likes of Dennis Coffey, The Original Sins, Night Marchers, The Masonics, The People's Temple, Cheeseburger & more. Plus live recordings from Scott McCaughey's recent series of solo gigs in Portland.

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MonkeyBeat 68: Finger Banger

80 minutes of killer tracks including new tunes from Kurt Baker, The Db's, Peter Case, Apache & Roger Alan Wade. Plus rare tracks from The 5,6,7,8's with Jack White & Leave It To Beaver star Jerry Mathers. Also a live song by The Ugly Beats from this year's SxSW.

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MonkeyBeat 67: Out Of My Tree

Today I pay tribute to one of the greatest vocalist is rock, Kent Morrill of The Wailers, who passed away on April 15th, 2011. I also play Record Store Day releases from Ty Segall, Fucked Up with Danko Jones, Jill Sobule & John Doe. Plus new music from The Cynics, Cute Lepers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Elk River TFA, Gardens, Holly Golightly, Ha Ha Tonka & more.

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MonkeyBeat 66: Everyone Old Is New Again

New music from old artists is the theme of the show. Plus I talk about seeing a 65 year old man fake his death, the 10th anniversary of Joey Ramone's passing, the new site design of MonkeyBeatCity, podcasters begging for dough and making myself square looking so I can beg for a job.

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MonkeyBeat 65: Please Don't Sue Me

No description is provided for this episode for fear of incrimination & prosecution.

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Video highlights from the MusicFog Marathon at SxSW 2011

Since I am not able to post original content today, as I intended, I will instead regurgitate share some clips I found from this years MusicFog Marathon at SxSW. You can find all 46 performances at their Ustream channel, but here are the ones I thought would be of particular interest to MonkeyBeat listeners.

Dave Alvin

Dash Rip Rock


Eddie Spaghetti

Waco Brothers

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MonkeyBeat 64: We're Doin' It Live!

Due to time constraints I opt to do a live show & surprisingly it's not a total train wreck! I even manage to have somewhat lucid rambling about the Power Pop-A-Licious music festival, Ben Weasel's SxSW fight & my friend's new podcast "SLEW".

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MonkeyBeat 63: The Working Man Is Pissed!

I drop the news on what's been going on in my life, ask why there aren't unions for tech workers & try to to bum-out about it.

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MonkeyBeat 62: Go Johnny Volume!

I blast right out of the gate with a rant over an audio comment left by a listener. That's followed by a recap of this last week's Bender, and how I got called out this week for being a major flake.

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MonkeyBeat 61: I'm All Out Of Words

For those of you who think I talk too much and hate my rambling, this is the episode for you, because I ain't got much to say.

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Video: Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival 2004

I'm sure anyone coming to this site has at least a passing idea of the existence of Little Steven's Underground Garage, so I won't go into great detail here. Well in 2004 when Sirius was launching the Underground Garage channel, Van Zandt talked them into putting on a huge one day music festival to demonstrate what "Garage Rock" is.
Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival was a great mixture of older acts (The Pretty Things, New York Dolls, Bo Diddley) with newer acts (The Stems, The Flaming Sideburns, Swingin' Neckbreakers). However, there were also a few turds in the mix too (The Strokes - 'nuff said). The whole event was to be filmed in 3-D by Hollywood director Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire) for theatrical release. However, for some reason all did not go to plan & outside of a few film festival showings, all the footage has remained unreleased.
Unfortunately the videos below are not from the professionals, but from a guy who brought in his cam-corder. These show some of the event troubles that (I'm guessing) are missing from the official footage. Such as stage announcers that are clearly out of touch with the acts they are introducing, sound issues & just how annoying (and out of place) go-go dancers are in 2004.

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MonkeyBeat 60: Underappreciated, Good Tunes & Megatouch

As I state at the top of this show, I had a bummer day. Maybe I rant a bit too much about it, how last years was a good year for music and my dream of playing Megatouch with Lemmy. If so just skip past my jibber-jab and enjoy all the great music.

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MonkeyBeat 59: There's No Escaping Toilet Paper

I can't describe how good the music is on this show. Just listen to it.

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MonkeyBeat 58: Sonic Sounds

Starting the new year off with the longest show I've ever done, because I have a back log of great tunes left over from the long break.

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