MonkeyBeat 25: Get in that ass, Larry!

No guests this week just good music.

Rapids - Fever Dream
The Dustaphonics - Jinx
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - November 11th
Smokestack Lightnin' - Carter Cain
Davila 666 - Dimelo Ya
Mannequin Men - WTF LOL
Johnny Cheeseburger & the Cum Bunnies - Why Johnny Why
The Phantom Keys - Velvet Illusions
Baby Woodrose - Countdown to Breakdown
The Bon - Country Mile
The Royal Bombs - West Coast
Mike Watt & the Missingmen - We Are Time

As always, if you like the bands you hear on MonkeyBeat support them by buying their music and seeing them when they play near you.

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MonkeyBeat Video 1: The Minus 5

The Minus 5
July 24th, 2009
Portland, OR

The Minus 5 closed out the first night of the 2009 PDX POP NOW festival. Here is how their set began, with a cover of The Standells "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White".

Scott McCaughey - Guitar & Vocals
Ezra Holbrook - Drums
Jim Talstra - Bass

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MonkeyBeat 24: Jungle Jury w/ Wheel of Pain

I'm joined this week by 3 of the members of the Doom Metal band Wheel of Pain. They under go the ordeal of being my first ever Jungle Jury. They give their verdict on songs I play, without any prior info about the track or artist.

Artists played:
Jay Reatard
The Rats
Cheap Trick
The Cherry Coke$
The Riverdales
& Wheel of Pain

As always, support the bands you hear on this show but buying their music and going to see them when they play near you.

More Youtube clips of Wheel of Pain
Wheel of Pain on Myspace
Wheel of Pain on Soundclick
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MonkeyBeat Episode 23: Free is a very good price

I take time away from my own record collection to feature music found on I also announce the winner of the Oglio Records giveaway. You probably didn't win, but go ahead and listen to this show anyways.

1) Pandoras.Box - I Don´t Care
2) Hayvanlar Alemi - Ineffable Dresscode
3) So Cow - So Cow vs. The Future
4) Hank IV - Get It Straight
5) The Means - Consider Yourself a Hero
6) Mink Lungs - Clowns In My Galaxy
7) Aviv Mark - Uncontrollable Mumbles
8) The Yolks - Don't Blame Me
9) The Higher State - If We Don't Realise
10) Fallen Leaves - My Phantoms
11) The Hall Monitors - Girls
12) The Cynics - I Want You
13) Guinea Worms - Hello from Ohio
14) Nightingales - The Best of British Luck
15) Smokey Hormel - Your Bound To Look Like A Monkey
16) Chatham County Line - Let It Rock
17) Pierced Arrows - Guns of Thunder

You can get more tracks by the artist on this show (as well as 100 other great bands) at

As always, if you like the bands you hear on MonkeyBeat support them by buying their music and seeing them when they play near you.
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MonkeyBeat Episode 22: Now that the party has just begun

Not a lot of talk on this episode. So you might like this one more then most of the past ones.

1) The Fucking Eagles - Midnight Sour
2) The Black Smokers - Cheap Women
3) Nobunny - The Gutter
4) Rock N Roll Adventure Kids - Panties In My Pocket
5) The Gories - Detroit Breakdown (Live in Detroit 2009)
6) The Leftovers - Telephone Operator
7) Guns & Rossetti - Douche Bag Boyfriend
8) Scott Deluxe Drake - Klorox Too
9) The Kamalas - Make Me Sick
10) The Minus 5 - Smoke On, Jerry
11) Prague Ska Conspiracy - A Dream
12) Westbound Train - Come And Get It
13) The Pepper Pots - Highway
14) The New Duncan Imperials - Land Of The Elegant Bachelors

As always support the artists played on this show by buying their CDs & going to see them in concert.

(There is still time to enter the drawing announced on Episode 21. Just get your entry in by July 7th)
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MiniConcert: The Gories 06/27/09

Majestic Theatre
Detroit, MI
June 27th, 2009

02-Hey! Hey! We're The Gories
03-Charm Bag
05-Nautiloid Reef
06-Detroit Breakdown
07-I Think I've Had It
08-To Find Out
09-I'll Go
10-You Don't Love Me
11-Sovereignty Flight
12-Goin' To The River
13-Boogie Chillun-Let Your Daddy Ride
15-Makin' Love
16-Thunderbird ESQ
17-View From Here
20-Hidden Charms

Gories are: Mick - guitar, Danny - guitar and harmonica, and Peg - drums

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