Monday, July 26, 2010

The Dictators - Irving Plaza Feb 7th, 1981

July 26th 2010 marks the 34th anniversary of the first time The Dictators took the stage at CBGB's. While I have yet to find footage of that monumental event, I present you here the next best thing, The 'Tators ripping it up at Irving Plaza in the winter of 1981.
These 7 songs were filmed at one of the string of reunion gigs the guys did that year, just a few days before the performance that would be released by ROIR as "Fuck Em If They Can't Take a Joke" (and later as "Live - New York New York"). They play with a fire that makes one wonder what might have been if the band hadn't called it quits three year earlier.
Thankfully, the last decade has seen them return to playing on a semi-regular basis, including the release of the excellent "D.F.F.D." album and the live document "Viva Dictators".

You can download the m4v file here. Those of you on slow connections, or who don't wish to download larger files can view it on Youtube in 3 parts. (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)