Friday, July 04, 2008

MonkeyBeat 16: Party Crashing to Stay Up Late

This week I talk about how the first band to ever release a LP on Sub Pop records is now crashing the label's birthday bash (since they didn't get an invite), the great documentary about Heavy Load, & play sets by bands inspired by the Ramones and who have backed Andre Williams.

Songs Played:
1. Girl Trouble - The Skin
2. Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes - B-a-b-y
3. Green Hornet - Breakin' Up
4. Morning 40 Federation - Gin Instead of Whiskey
5. Ben Weasel - Got My Number
6. Ramones - Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think of You
7. The Femurss - I Love Her So
8. The Real Ramoneroonies - I'd Rather Be Stupid With You
9. The Beat Farmers - Happy Boy
10. Seger Liberation Army - Down Home
11. Throw Rag - Mission's Message
12. Heavy Load - Stay Up Late
13. The Goldstars - Comin' Home Baby

Find out more about Heavy Load's message at

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