Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Site update & Blabbermort

Sorry that I've been such a lazy shit with keeping up on the blog and podcasts shows. Those of you that follow my twitter feed already know that I got laid off from my day job. (If anyone in the Portland, OR area needs a SQA Engineer let me know.) You'd think that would leave me with more time for MonkeyBeat stuff, but actually right now my time is being taken up with networking and job searching. I hope to find time to do a new show later this week.

While you wait for me to get moving, check out Blabbermort which is the blog of John Mortenson (of Mono Men & Star Spangled Bastards). Sometimes he posts about his musical past (including MP3s), but he mostly posts about whatever random stuff stikes his fancy. His post on his interview with KISM is a good place to start.