Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MonkeyBeat 54: Invasion USA

Hatred and aggression are the themes this week. From telling jocks to fuck off, to making fun of fatties, to Indian rapers with cities named after them. Of course it's all bundled in sugary sweet melodies to help it go down better.

Songs played:
  1. Solomon Burke - The Stupidity
  2. The Hextalls - I Don't Wanna Be A New York Ranger
  3. Screeching Weasel - Jockpunk
  4. Loli & The Chones - I Hate You Jocks
  5. The Skyflakes - Meathead
  6. The Goldbugs - I Don't Want To Let You Down
  7. Wild Cat Daddies - Wham! Bam!
  8. The St. Johns - She's So Fine
  9. Monte Carlos - Guilty Of Love
  10. The Untamed Youth - What'll You Have/Pabst Blue Ribbon (live)
  11. The Vandals - You Lied To Me
  12. Pat Boone's Farm - Freakout
  13. The Sights - How Do You Sleep?
  14. You Am I - Pinpricks
  15. The Hangmen - Water Down Below (Unreleased Demo)
  16. The Greenhornes - Saying Goodbye
  17. The Mad Tea Party - Hey Teabaggers, Leave Our Party Alone
Show Notes:
  • Recording from Pat Boone's Farm, Monte Carlos & Wild Cat Daddies can be bought from Cavetone Records
  • more notes to come

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link