Tuesday, October 05, 2010

MonkeyBeat 53: It's The Music That Makes Me

It's all about high energy music this week, starting with a slew of new tracks including tracks from Stomp Records, followed by the garage-slop sound of Slovenly Records. Then a bit of a live bootleg recording of Paul Collins' set from his show in Portland last week, and a set of tunes by the bands who opened for him.

Songs played:
  1. Southern Culture On The Skids - It's The Music That Makes Me
  2. Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One - JFK
  3. Glen Matlock & The Philistines - Nowheresville
  4. The Dreadnoughts - Poutine
  5. The Creepshow - The Sermon III/Get What's Coming
  6. The Oblivions - Oblivion
  7. The Penetrators - What Will Be If You're 70
  8. The Rippers - Right Time to Kill You
  9. Los Peyotes - Garaje O Muerte
  10. Paul Collins - The Kids Are The Same / I Still Want You (Live at East End PDX)
  11. The Fast Takers - She's Goin' Crazy
  12. The Midnight Callers - Faux Girl
  13. Welcome Home Walker - Watch Your Step
  14. Blue Skies For Black Hearts - Here Comes The Rain
  15. The Exploding Hearts - Walking Out On Love
  16. The Posies - Take Care Of Yourself
Show Notes:
  • Join Paul Collins' Beat Army to keep up on all things Power Pop, and buy his latest LP "King of Power Pop" on Bomp Records.
  • Download free 55 track sampler from Slovely Records, featuring tracks from Billy Childish, The Black Lips, Reigning Sound, The Spits & more, by signing up for their mailing list
  • Sign up for Dirty Water Records mailing list to download the track "Garaje O Muerte" by Los Peyotes
  • The Welcome Home Walker track I played can be downloaded for free compliments of a local Portland rag
  • Free MP3s from Blue Skies For Black Hearts (including the one I played on this show) can found on King Of Hearts Records' site

Those who are having trouble finding the show can download it directly via this link