Sunday, February 17, 2008

MonkeyBeat 6

I'm back with a new show featuring lots of new music, an overview of bands that played The Bender Music Fest, rock from far away lands and the same old complaining I usually do.

Songs played are:
1. The Sleepers - Filthy Ways
2. Top Ten - The First Time Is The Best Time
3. Pure Country Gold - Sittin' At Club 21
4. Mean Jeans - Total Creep
5. The Eegos - Let Them Look
6. The Jones - Penjilat (Demo)
7. Manganzoides - 7 + 7 Es
8. Johnny Casino's Easy Action - Ain't That A Lot Of Love
9. Pearl Jam - Rock Around Barack (this is so awful that I can't play the whole song!)
10. Teenage Head - Top Down
11. New Duncan Imperials - Oh My God, We're Fucking

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